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About To Boom is a 4 player cooperative local multiplayer enemy-hell game inspired by classic arcade style action with a focus on competing for high scores. Join together with up to three other people in this cooperative experience while you try and defend the energy core from an ever mounting wave of enemy forces. Choose between a wide selection of customizable weapons and special abilities as you and your friends create the ultimate team combination for maximum destruction.

Final game will feature:
Unlockable Weapons: Unlock up to 15 weapons and customize their position and rotation anywhere on your ship, to form your ultimate team.
Unique Enemies: Your team will be assaulted by 18 enemy types, each with unique behavior.
Procedurally Generated Waves: Waves of enemies are constructed on the fly based on how well your team is doing, how many enemies have been previously dispatched, and increasingly upgraded to meet your ever-increasing weapon capabilities of your team.
Leaderboards: Compete against your friends or against the world to see who can hold off destruction the longest.

How long will your team be able to survive?

Alpha Version 0.81 Features:

  • New Enemy: Lock Down
    • This new enemy will target a player and quickly try to intercept them by bouncing around the core if necessary.
    • If the enemy comes in contact with the player, it will place an energy field around the player's ship and prevent it from moving (though the player can still rotate).
    • Destroying the Lock Down enemy will free the player.
    • Upgrades for Lock Down include speeding up its movement and adding a slow energy drain to its energy field.
  • Additional Changes
    • We fixed several issues found in the last build such as:
      • Special weapons not upgrading properly
      • Bouncers not being destroyed when running into the core in some cases
      • Adjusted the upgrade points received from Bouncers
      • Increased the damage of Spinner and Gunner enemies

Thanks for playing About To Boom! Check back often for the latest updates and don't forget to tell us what you think in the comment section. We are relying on you to tell us what to improve!


About To Boom is played best with a gamepad, however we have included keyboard and mouse controls for you purists.

Left Analog / W A S D = Movement

Right Analog / Mouse = Rotation

RT / R2 / Left Mouse = Fire Projectile Weapon

LT / L2 / Right Mouse = Fire Laser Weapon

RB / R1 / Space = Activate Special Weapon

LB / L1 / Tab = Activate Time Bomb

Install instructions

Unzip the executable and the Data folder into the same location and run!


AboutToBoomAlpha081Win.zip (41 MB)
AboutToBoomAlpha081Linux.zip (44 MB)


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Thank you to everyone who has played About To Boom! We are currently in development and are looking for any feedback that you may have. All feedback is appreciated.